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About the Site

This site was created by and is maintained by Andrew J. Peterson. Here are some highlights of its evolution:

  • February 2014: I found some nice wood tiles, so added it to the header, just to freshen things up.
  • February 2013: Experiment with establishing a vertical rhythm and minimal typography. I love the visual effect, but the support within CSS is not there-- but it is possible to make it work.
  • 2012: Responsive Design applied.
  • 2000 — 2010: I've played with the CSS extensively. Most of the layout is done with the CSS, and of course all of the styling is done that way. I've used this site to determine what works and what doesn't.
  • 2007 — 2012: I've also tried adding a few AJAX-related technologies: dynamically created elements based on stylesheets (see "NEW" and "Updated" indicators); slide shows; rounded corners based solely on style-sheets and no images; and the "Books" page has a rather lame accordian effect. The sources of all this can be seen using "view source" in your browser. Note that lots of this doesn't work without Firefox 1.0, but it degrades by disappearing.
  • Circa 2003: The colors now are based on a color scheme from kuler.adobe.com.
  • 1999: The original color scheme was inspired by the HP 91 calculator. See some of these beasts at the HP Museum.

It was originally created on a G3 PowerBook using BBEdit Pro on MacOS X. Now it's a MacBook Air and I usually use RubyMine. We use locally-grown, hand-coded HTML and CSS. I created the few graphics with Adobe Photoshop LE, Elements 2.0 and Macromedia FireWorks. The photo comes from a scanned analog photograph.