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Other Projects

Here are a few mostly non-paying projects and experiments.

  • Wizardize, a jQuery plugin to enhance a form with wizard panels.
  • Color Spy, a jQuery eye-dropper plugin to determine colors from elements.
  • Show Char Limit, a jQuery plugin to reflect length of characters available in input/textarea fields.
  • Csster, a Javasript library to dynamically add CSS rules.
  • Ayudante, Ruby test helpers to assert pre- and post-conditions within one test.
  • Agile Methods, quick visualization of different approaches to agile development.
  • Olive, Canvas/jQuery plugin to draw animated dot charts. code
  • PHP database migration using ActiveRecord and Ruby
  • Object-oriented PHP library (1999-2002). This used to be here, but it is now removed. Of interest is a web-site menu with pluggable display options, such as CSS, JavaScript, plain HTML. There's a sortable list (select) component, and a few other goodies. It's just not cohesive or bug-free enough to share.
  • Quick project management tool (2002). What can I build in two hours? Given I knew exactly what I wanted, I built a simple project management system at Peet's one morning. I used it for several years to run my consulting business and it works great.
  • USDA database (2000). The USDA releases the food nutritional values database periodically. I used these tables to learn MySQL and PHP, and ended up with a nifty application in the end. Of particular interest is a little UI heuristic I developed. As the data wasn't structured for browsing (at all), I synthesize this with queries and adjust based on the number of results returned. The end result is the user gets to the food of choice very quickly via a browse interface. I wish I had time to stick it up here.
  • chklistr.com (2006-). Check things off as you complete them using an Ajax interace.
  • SEO. I've experimented with different SEO ideas here. My conclusion is that if you offer something of value, people will come visit you. Everything else is secondary.