NDP Software 

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Software Consulting & Software Management

Andy provides:

  • analysis, architecture, design, and review of software codebases
  • coaching of software engineers
  • project management for software projects
  • consulting for software process improvement

Software Analysis and Restructuring

Code often outgrows its original mission. A development team may be excellent at creating the business solutions at one stage of development, but may not possess the skills for large-scale refactoring, restructuring and re-architecting. We provide strategies, tools, training and solutions for this stage.

Software Process Improvement

We will help identify the next steps you should take, and develop a plan to help you take those steps. Expert in wide range software development processes. Provide "big picture" consulting, or specific solutions for source code management, software builds, code structure, migration strategies, etc. We can train your team on a wide variety of processes, from better source code management to risk analysis and mitigation. Familiar with CMM and can perform informal analysis.

Source Code Analysis and Review

Considering purchasing a codebase? We can evaluate it against your requirements (long- and short-term) and industry accepted standards.