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Here are some interesting examples of CSS. I have put them in a logical order, if you are learning from a blank slate.

(Color coding: Beginner Intermediate Advanced)


  • This site has an introduction to CSS (for those who are completely new to the topic) as well as details of the new features of CSS3.
  • W3 Schools: Good tutorial on CSS basics. (Their other tutorials are better, but this covers all the basic concepts.)
  • WestCiv.com's Learn CSS and Web Standards page is also a good starting point.



For doing page layout, these resources are recommended:

Interesting approach to encapsulating all the IE-specific hacks together in a nice package is here.

Undoing HTML is another useful concept, as captured in this file. Although the concept of consistency across web sites is important, it's pretty much been sent to Siberia by the graphic people. Most designers want to start with a clean canvas. I have come around to this thinking.